Christmas wish or handmade gifts!

A handcrafted ornament presented with a Christmas wish or heart-shaped gifts that enrich for friends. When hearts entwine, lives are bound together by little gestures of LOVE..Handmade gifts offer a colourful tribute to the arrival of warmer weather, a plump pillow reminds us of Christmas upcoming..


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Health’s Secret :)

We have known in the healing arts of a placebo effect. Our body is real product of our thoughts. A placebo is something that supposedly has no impact and no effect on the body as a sugar pill. Stress begin with one negative thought. No matter what you might have manifest, you can change it with one small positive thought.

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Laughter is the best medicine 🙂

Think thoughts of perfection. Illness cannot exist in a body that has harmonious thought. Imperfect thoughts are the cause of humanity ills, disease, and unhappiness. I think perfect thoughts. We can think the perfect way to state of health, perfect body, the perfect weight. Our thought is responsible as often as we can I feel wonderful. I feel so good, and really I feel it. Start thinking happy thoughts and being happy.

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Happiness is a feeling state of being 🙂

Happiness is a feeling state of being. You have your finger on the feeling button. Press it now and keep your finger pressed down on it firmly, no matter what is happening around you. Happier thoughts lead to essentially a happier biochemistry. A happier, Healthier body. Negative thoughts and stress have been shown to seriously degrade the body and the functioning of the brain, because its our thoughts and emotions that are continuously reassembling, recreating & reorganising our body.

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Nothing is Incurable!

Believe and know that nothing is incurable. At some point, every so called incurable disease has been cured. It is the world where miracles are everyday occurrences. We can change our life and we can change heal ourselves. That’s how easy it is to change anything in the world, whether that’s disease or emotional issues and whatever that is.

So focusing on perfect health is something we can all do within ourselves, despite what may be happening on the outside. Laughter attracts joy, releases negativity and leads to miraculous cures!


Communication : Importance of communication for every human being!

Communication is the process by which we exchange meanings, facts, ideas, opinions or emotions with other peoples. Everybody knows that most of the time, through speech or writing or any other means like exchange of common sets of symbols, we are sharing information with other human beings. It is, therefore, first and foremost a social activity.

Importance of communication that the information, ideas, attitudes or emotions get to be conveyed from one person to another and from one group to another.

In today’s dynamic environment, communication is indispensable for everyone to develop and maintain reputation or goodwill in society. Feedback is an essential part of communication. Information has not only to be sent but has also to be received and understood. Effective communication has always been essentials for success.

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Stay connected online through Internet

communication has become all the more essential due to the following reason:

  1. Increase in size.. If we have grown a firm tremendously in scale of operations. A large firm, thousand of people and has offices or different parts of world. The head office of the company must always be in close touch with branch offices, communication is required for this purposes.
  2. Growing specialization.. Narrow division of work result in different activities being handled by different departments. Due to narrow outlook every department tends to overstress its own work.
  3. Modern Technology.. Rapid changes in science and technology lead to obsolesence of knowledge.  Modernise technology must persuade to accept new technology. Regular training of staff becomes necessary to update the skills needed to apply new technology.
  4. Competition.. Liberalisation and globalisation have resulted in severe competition between public, private or foreign sectors. The form of advertising publicity becomes essential to survive in the race of competition.
  5. Public relations..Government, distributors, suppliers, investors, and other sections of society well informed about its contributions to society. Public relations helps to improve its images in society and big enterprises.
  6. Personal assest.. Communication skills is essential for success in every job. We need to high degree of communication skills, The ability to communicate effectively is equally essential for promotion in career.

The Editor

Written communication should be intelligible, clear, & concise so that the reader gets the message intended by the writer without too many obstacles to comprehension. A manuscript has to go through various stages of processing for comprehension before being sent to the printer.

However, the editor becomes responsible for shaping the text for publication. Sometimes all that an editor or his assistant is required to do is mark the manuscript for correctness of grammar, punctuation, headings, paragraphing and layout.

” Line Editor must be cheerleaders, teachers, critics, planners, confessors, ombudsmen and attorneys. They must spot libel and invasion of privacy, help reporters improve their writing and news gathering, negotiate for time and space, coordinate graphics and text, tame overbearing egos and comfort wounded ones, and cope with dozens of problems that reach from deadline to deadline, week in and week out. Their decisions defines the news, motivate the staff, and determine the form that each story ultimately takes. Senior editors may make policy. But line editors give it shape.” Quill: 10 Steps to better editing

The editor then is an intellectual, well informed and up to date in the current trends in scholarship, in the publishing industry, and in the market for books. He is largely responsible for the administrative work related to his job.

What role have editor to play in this scenario? In the broadcast sense they act as moulders of a nation’s literary tastes and setters of academic standards. They select manuscripts for publication, sign authors to produce text for universities and schools, promote writers with unexplored talents, scour academic disciplines in which there is not enough published material and search for and invite manuscripts for publication. And they try to balance this genuinely intellectual undertaking with the selling of books in a highly competitive market as well as try to meet the demands of popular taste.


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A word that uses the same root is recognise. We know what we recognise. This means that we mentally process our experience, shaping it and giving it mental forms that we can identify. So we recognise experience and bring it into the realm of knowledge.

“Knowledge is an organised set of statement of fact or ideas, presenting a reasoned judgement or an experimental result, which is transmitted to others through some communication medium is some systematic form. Knowledge consists of new judgement s ( Research and Scholarship) or presentation of older judgement as exemplified in text books, teaching ad learning and collected as library and archival material.” By Daniel Bell

A precise single definition of knowledge, universally acceptable to all and in all contexts, is well nigh impossible. Scholars who are interested in the study of knowledge, as a resource, as a philosophical concept, as social wealth, etc.

  • The Fact or state of knowing, clear and certain perception of fact or truth;
  • Awareness, as of a fact or circumstances;
  • that which is or may be known; information; and
  • Familiarity or Conversance, as with a particular subject or branch of learning, Acquaintances with facts or principles, as from study or investigation; general erudition.

Knowledge is a highly organised intellectual product of human that includes personal experience, skills, understanding of the different contexts in which we operate our activities, assimilation of all these and recording all this in a form that could be communicated to others. This communication of recorded experience, data, information, etc. make for further of growth

Library: Value & Importance of Information

All societies ancient, medieval or modern have functioned and prospered on the basis of information and knowledge in their various stages of developments. In the past, the creation of new knowledge, innovations and inventions have been efforts of a small number of individuals with a passion for and dedication to such activities and, therefore, growth of new knowledge has largely been sporadic and incidental. Application of the new information and knowledge was largely accidental; consequently, progress in terms of material advancement of life had been slow. But from the beginning of this century, more particularly in the last half a century, information has come to occupy the central position..

Role of Infomation  in Cental & Pivotal

  • Research  & Development
  • Fusion of science & Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Information Demand
  • Power shift..

Information and knowledge have become a tremendous source of economic and political power as they have become the principal driving force for the acquisition of wealth, political strength and more knowledge. Information rich countries of today are becoming even more powerful than the colonial powers of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries on account of their expertise in creating new information & knowledge them for their advantage.



Maa Meri Maa!!

Life without Mom can’t be imagined until and unless it’s mandatory..

 I still remember every single day of childhood when my mother used to scold me for my mistake,

 and when she used to love me without any reason.

 Her love to me has been priceless,

 I could never return her back..

 I miss you !! mom…